Implement your ideas
with firmware tuning software
BimmerEditor allows you to analyze and tune various BMW firmwares professionally. The process of firmware editing is performed in a very convenient way and gives you full control over a wide range of engine parameters. Additionally, BimmerEditor is the first and the best tool that supports Siemens MS41 engine control unit firmware. At this moment our application supports Bosch 413, Bosch 506, Bosch ME7.2, Siemens MS41, Siemens MS42, Siemens MS43, Siemens MS45, Siemens MSS50, Siemens MSS52 and Siemens MSS54 firmware files.

Now you don’t need to look for files with map descriptions for different firmware versions. All you need is load your file and BimmerEditor will automatically interpret the data in a proper format which allows easy manual editing.

Supported ECUs
Bosch 413 (file support)
- E36 325
- E34 525
Bosch 506 (file support)
- E36 M3
Bosch ME7.2 (file and flasher support)
- E38 735, 740
- E39 535, 540
- E53 X5 4.4, 4.6

Siemens MS41 (41.0, 41.1, 41.2) (file and flasher support)
- E36 320, 323, 328, M3(USA), Z3 2.0, Z3 2.8
- E39 520, 523, 528
- E38 728
Siemens MS42 (file and flasher support)
- E36 Z3 2.0, Z3 2.5, Z3 2.8
- E46 320, 323, 328
- E39 520, 525, 528
- E38 728
Siemens MS43 (file and flasher support)
- E36 Z3 2.2, Z3 2.5, Z3 3.0
- E46 320, 325, 330
- E39 520, 525, 530
- E53 X5 3.0
Siemens MS45 (45.0, 45.1) (file and flasher support)
- E46 330
- E60
- E83
Siemens MSS50 (file and flasher support)
- E36 M3
Siemens MSS52 (file and flasher support)
- E39 M5
Siemens MSS54 (MSS54, MSS54HP) (file and flasher support)
- E46 M3, M3 CSL
BimmerEditor Features
Support of all major maps for tuning such as: injection, ignition, vanos control, mass air flow, idle rpm, rpm limiters and many other

Checksum correction

Ability to review maps in several perspectives like: user friendly, user friendly difference, user friendly difference in percents, raw data, raw difference, raw difference in percents

Ability to change data in different ways: increase by percent, increase by delta, set to value

Ability to save or discard modifications for individuals maps and keep editing for other ones

Simple hex editor

Ability to review maps in 2D or 3D view, with or without changes comparission
BimmerEditor ProNew Features
project & versions control

extended compare


map notes

map axis edit

extended content control

multi language interface

auto update

working with any K-Line cable based on FTDI chips*

reading\writing calibration from ecu*

reading\clearing errors from ecu*

reading live data from ecu*

clearing adaptations*

* only for modules with ECU communication support
System Requirements
Minimum system requirements:

Windows XP
1 Gb of RAM
CPU 2.0 GHz processor
Screen resolution 1024*768
Internet connection at Installation phase
Recommended system requirements:

Windows 7, 8, 10
2 Gb of RAM
Intel i5 2.70 GHz processor
Screen resolution 1280*1024
Internet connection at Installation phase